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SICFIT Scottsdale

The SICFIT Scottsdale level III test is the pinnacle of our training program.

  “The more difficult the challenge the greater the reward.” Have you ever studied for a test, practiced for a sport or rehearsed for a play? More importantly have you ever worked hard to become great at something and then have to prove not only to yourself but to your peers that your capable of passing [...]

Improving Shoulder Mobility

  Strength in Conditioning for Friday, January 30, 2015 Oftentimes, the quickest way to improve overhead mobility is to address tightness in the latissimus dorsi and pectoralis muscle group.  The pectorals consist of pec major and minor – pec major being the superficial muscle on the front of the chest.  Pec-minor is deep to pec major and [...]

SICFIT San Diego

Strength in Conditioning, Monday, February 2

Today we are working the shoulder press and the pull up.  It might seam like too much for the shoulders, but we did it on purpose.  Working opposing muscle groups helps to create a muscular balance of the body. The vertical pull and push compliment each other.    Strength A1- Shoulder press LIFE- 8 FITNESS- [...]


STRENGTH IN CONDITIONING FOR FRIDAY, JANUARY 30TH, 2015     STRENGTH A1) Strict Press LIFE- 4×8 FITNESS- 5×6 SPORT – 8×3 A2) Ring Row/ Supine Ring Row x10 A3). 30sec Jump Rope   CONDITIONING 20min EMOM (stations) Burpee KBS knee tucks Row (cal) LIFE – 8 reps FITNESS- 10 reps SPORT -12 reps   [...]


Member of the month – Rachel L.

  Words cant express how proud we are Rachel. Keep up The great work! “I was thin and loved to work out, but it all changed when I was diagnosed with Acromegaly. I began to stress eat. In February, I had blood work done . I was told that I was PRE- diabetic. It was a huge wake up call, I ...

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Level 1 Testing

  If you have not yet done your level one test and feel ready to accomplish it, then this is your night! On January 29nd at 6pm we will begin the level one test at SICFIT El Paso!

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Ribbon Cutting ceremony!

SICFIT Chandler and the AHWATUKEE Chamber of Commerce cordially invite you to our Ribbon Cutting ceremony  January 27th,  2015 from noon-1pm. Small food and beverages will be provided by The Chandler Ice Den and 18 Degrees. Please stop in to support your local business and to get answers on your fitness goals.   Join us! 7225 [...]

New faces of 2015

We have new smiling faces and they are ready to bring in the new year with a new fitness journey at SICFIT Chandler. Check out our website for the class schedule or email us to set up your FREE intro.


Be Resolute, Don’t Make Another Resolution

2015 is full of choices because at this point, it’s a blank slate. Making a New Years Resolution by definition means that you are making a statement about what you are “going to do” in 2015. Being Resolute, means that you are determined and firmly resolved to make a choice about something. At risk of [...]

Alternative Medicine

SICFIT Old Town has only been open for a little over a month, so it was a surprise when Eric Heetland, a member for about 3 weeks walked up to a coach as said “I’ve been working out for about 2 weeks now, and in that time I have been able to completely come off [...]


PHOENIX (October 28, 2014) – Global fitness brand SICFIT ( is expanding its Arizona presence and opening the third SICFIT Gym in the state this November. Former SICFIT Scottsdale Coach, Chris Cannon, will be SICFIT Old Town’s owner and operator. This will be the fifth SICFIT location to open nationally during the past 16 months for the [...]




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