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SICest of the Southwest IV December 4th


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SICFIT Scottsdale

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SICFIT San Diego

“Easy Day”

Dynamic Cool Down A. 2 Rounds 1- coffee 2- Doughnuts B. Group Discussion Running Form C. 30 minutes AMNAP AMNAP- As Many Naps As Possible           “Don’t believe the hype!”    


A- Every 45 seconds for 12 min 1 Hang Squat Snatch + 1 Over Head Squat   B- 5 sets building 3 Position Hang Power Cleans + Push Jerk *High, Mid thigh, Below knee   C- 5 Sets of 3 Sumo Deadlift


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Breaking Muscle

Conditioning for Fighting with Mike Perry, Part II: Aerobic Fitness

Training this way will help you get past being a "first round hero" and give you energy in later rounds.

Last week, I discussed energy systems with Mike Perry, from the Skill of Strength. This week, we will use our knowledge of energy systems to discuss how to condition MMA fighters. The training protocols discussed below are valuable for anyone who has unpredictability in their sport or work.

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A 4-Week Plan for Getting Started With a Jogging Stroller

Running with a stroller is humbling and difficult, but it can also help you improve.

Being a parent can make you better at life or it can make you worse. There is very little grey area. There are some things I've gotten worse at, like keeping up with the laundry and drinking coffee in moderation. But in other areas, I've improved, thanks to my three kiddos. One of those areas is running.


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The Dangers of Hyperventilation (And CrossFit Social Media)

A recent Facebook post by CrossFit HQ underlined the importance of responsible social media use.

When we were kids, we all had contests in the pool to see who could hold his or her breath the longest. That’s a rite of passage as a kid in summer, claiming your spot as the reigning champ of underwater breath holding. It wasn’t long before some wise guy, usually an older cousin, told you that if you took a couple of quick, deep breaths, you would be able to hold your breath even longer.


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