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SICFIT Scottsdale

Get Fit Friday for Free!

  Start your Friday off right! Join us at 9am today for a fun, free bodyweight workout for all fitness skill levels. Warm up- Line/Plyo drills 10 minutes Strength in Conditioning- A) Power clean x2 sets, 1.1.1 x3 sets ”.” = Rest ten seconds between single reps; rest 2-3 min between sets B) 15-12-9 [...]

Life is an obstacle now get up and over it

  “Life is an obstacle now get over it” have you ever looked at all the tasks, projects, deadlines and struggles of your daily life? Wondering how on Earth am I ever going to get done with and over these challenges. Does every moment of your deal feel like your tracking through mud and that [...]

SICFIT San Diego


FRIDAY 2/12/2016 STRENGTH Deadlift 5*5*5+ SKILL Clean technique CONDITIONING LIFE Ascending Ladder for 10 minutes 40 Single Jump Ropes/ 1 Hang Power Clean(75/45) 40 Single Jump Ropes/ 2 Hang Power Clean 40 Single Jump Ropes/ 3 Hang Power Clean 40 Single Jump Ropes/ 4 Hang Power Clean… FITNESS Ascending Ladder for 10 minutes 20 Double Unders [...]


THURSDAY 2/11/2016 SKILL Handstand progression STRENGTH EMOM for 10 minutes Holds/ HSPU/ Handstand Walk CONDITIONING Thrusters for time LIFE- 30 @ 45/35 20 @ 65/45 10 @ 75/55 FITNESS- 30 @ 75/65 20 @ 95/75 10 @ 115/85 SPORT- 30 @ 95/65 20 @ 115/75


Severing the Link Between Resolutions & Gym Memberships You Won’t Use

I wanted to wait a few weeks into the New Year to write a post about the resolutions we have for these next 11 months and change. Let’s address the elephant in the room—resolutions and their inseparable tie-in to gym memberships. The entire gym and fitness industry are built around well-wishers and their New Year’s resolutions. The New Year’s is ...

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Testosterone Part 2 – Stay Sexy, Healthy and Strong

As promised, this is the second half of the testosterone post. For those of us who need a refresher, here’s a quick recap, or read the full article at this link. What We Learned Last Week About Testosterone Testosterone is the primary anabolic sex hormone in humans. It is responsible for sexual drive, sexual function, muscle hypertrophy—which means the growth ...

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Wednesday Workout of the Day

W- PVC mob A1) Bent-over supinated barbell row x12 A2) Laying leg lifts x10 A3) Z-Press (seated on ground, legs straight out, light dumbbells) x6-8 Rest 90 sec X4   B) 6 sets, each as fast as possible: Farmers carry 50m outside 6 ball squats 6 ball slams Row 250m Rest 1 minute   + [...]

Tuesday Workout for February 9th

  W-Row 500m, bear complex, stretch open hips   A1) Build to heavy 1rep back squat on 12 minute timer (not EMOM) Rest 2 minutes A2) 4×3 @ 85% of A1   B) 100 air squats for time (S-barbell back squat) *4 minute cap, every time you pause <2 sec do 2 burpees   C) [...]

First Workout of the Month!

  W- 1 minute jump rope, :30 side plank/side: rest 30 seconds; x5 + I’s, T’s, Y’s 1×20 each   A) Press x2 + Push press x4 Rest 2 minutes X4   B1) Lateral shoulder raises (neutral position) x10 B2) Bent over row x15 Rest 1 minute X3   C) 15 minute AMRAP 12 push [...]

SICFIT Round Rock

Nate Takes the Big Plunge

You can only truly measure how far you’ve come if you know where your actual starting point is, and today we take a look at Nate’s very first Hydrostatic Body Fat test, thanks to Body Analytics. Starting Stats: 388.4 lbs [...]

The past, present and future of our man Nate Acheson

What a great opportunity for us to sit down and talk with Nate about his perspectives, motivations and goals pertaining to his weight loss plan for 2016. Watch him as he explains that a few small changes has made a big difference [...]

Meet Nate, our man with a plan

Our story continues with Nate giving a brief bio of himself and explains in his words how he landed at 400+ pounds. We’re honored, humbled and proud to have Nate allow us to imbed ourselves into his life and document his [...]




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SICest of the Southwest IV HUMAN HIGHLIGHTS

Posted by SICFIT on January 20, 2016 at 7:30am

SICFIT Round Rock is officially open for Fitness

Posted by SICFIT on January 6, 2016 at 9:30pm

Breaking Muscle

What People Eat Is None of Your Business

If your diet is working wonders, congratulations. This does not mean the revelation will be true for others.

Everyone has a pet peeve. My mum, for example, has a beautiful Belfast Bridge sink in her kitchen. White, gleaming, and straight out of Downton Abbey. Gorgeous. From the way she gnashes her teeth when I pour coffee into it, I suspect this irritates her immeasurably. My girlfriend hates it if I don't put the extractor fan on when I cook. My dad can't stand people getting jam in the butter dish. We all have at least one.


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Let's Kill the Calf Raise

Moving up and down like a dancing cockatoo only worsens the issue we're trying to fix.

The calf raise is an exercise that is widely and incorrectly used. In its most common form, with the athlete standing, and moving up and down like a dancing cockatoo, the calf raise only contributes to the problem it’s intended to remedy.


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Complex Drills for Better Human Movement

Developing these functional patterns will pay dividends in everything else.
“Which book or program should I go to so that I don’t make mistakes?”
That's the biggest question I get when counseling younger coaches. I always have to explain to them that making mistakes is part of the learning process. Repeating them is the problem. The mistakes I have made have helped me become the coach I am today. Through that evolution and experience, my thoughts on strength training have changed quite drastically. 

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