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SICFIT Scottsdale

So Long, Soda! (A Message to Our Lil’ Beasts)

As parents and mentors of Lil’ Beasts, we are up against a lot when it comes to teaching them about nutrition and healthy habits. With billions of dollars spent fast food, soda, and junk food advertising a year, its no wonder that getting our kiddos to trade the potato chips for carrot sticks and soda [...]

Happy Thanksgiving from SICFIT Scottsdale!

  HAPPY THANKSGIVING! From all of us at SICFIT Scottsdale, we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. The gym is closed for the holiday, so spend the day re-fueling with some treats and giving thanks to all of those in your life who have shaped who you are today. 

SICFIT San Diego

Friday 11.27.15

Open Gym from 10 am to 4 pm FRIDAY WARM UP Roll out legs Couch stretch 30sec per side Banded Groin Stretch Static hammy stretch into V Rolls Squat practice w/ PVC STRENGTH Press Variation 2 min rest between sets LIFE- 3×8 Across FITNESS- 3×5 Across SPORT 3×3 Across Conditioning 12 min AMRAP 50 Wall [...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

If you are around today, Coach Joe is running a Boot Camp at 9 am.  Come in and sweat a little before that big dinner!  


What to do about my Thanksgiving meals?

It may be too early for radio stations to be playing Christmas songs helping spread some holiday cheer, but with Thanksgiving just days away, it’s never too early to have game plan on how to tackle meals while keeping a healthy figure. Not just for Turkey Day, but for all the holiday gatherings that await us. Before we start obsessing ...

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It’s Important to Identify Why You’re Training

What You’re Training for Matters My fitness mentor expressed this simple and often overlooked truth with me some years back. “You can do anything to get more fit, but over time, you will get to a point where ‘anything’ no longer works. What will you do then?” The message was based on simple premise, what you are training for matters. ...

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Thanksgiving Week Schedule

As a reminder for the Thanksgiving Holiday SICFIT Old Town will be holding regularly scheduled classes Monday and Tuesday but will have 6 am 7 am and noon classes on Wednesday 11/25 and closed on Thursday but Friday will have a Noon class to work off that Turkey! Saturday will resume 9 am Yoga, 10 am [...]

The Friday Workout is Finally Here!!!!

W-Agility Ladder   A) 20 minutes nonstop: Run big lap 10 box jump/ step up Run small lap 10 kettle bell swings Run big lap 10 burpees run small lap 20 air squats   B) 5 minute plank (every time they drop do 5 air squats   + Stretch

Wednesday Workout!

  W- Shoulder pvc mobility and stretches + push up practice   A1) Bench Press x5-6 A2) Ring row x10 Rest 1-2 minutes X3 B1) Shoulder Press x10-12 B2) Strict sit up x20 (add weight if possible) B3) Row 1 minute max effort Rest 1-2 minutes X3   C) 2 minute max burpees   + [...]




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Breaking Muscle

Got Knee Pain? Fix Your Tracking in the Squat and Lunge

If your knees hurt, the true answer is to fix the origin of the problem. That happens here.

When it comes to joint irritation in lifters, the knees are one of the body’s most chronically pissed off regions. But the answer isn’t applying tape to your knees or throwing sleeves over them. No matter how long you have been in the game, this is the behavior of novices. The true answer to chronic dysfunction is to fix the origin of the problem, and that happens internally.


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Risk Versus Reward: Playing It Smart on Meet Day

Going into a powerlifting meet you want to give everything you've got. Balancing this out with smart decision making is important.

Charles is here on a weekly basis to help you cut through the B.S. and get some real perspective regarding health and training. Please post feedback or questions to Charles directly in the comments below this article.


I’ve been preparing for a local raw powerlifting meet for the past handful of months, and this past Sunday was meet day. I’ll run you through my lifts and thoughts throughout the day. If you’re due to compete in a powerlifting meet, I hope you find something useful in here.


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Save Hours and Dollars: Streamline Your Meal Prep

An investment in your health and wellness is always time well spent. But we only have so much of it to spend.

We’re all busy. We all know nutrition is more than 50 percent of the equation, but it can also be the most challenging part. If we don’t plan ahead and make nutrition a priority, it quickly gets put on the back burner, despite our good intentions. Having a plan and preparing your food in advance is crucial, so let’s plan for success. It starts with meal prep.


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