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Taking “I CAN” from “I HAVE CANCER”

  Travis Boren is not only one of the Owners of SICFIT Round Rock, but the inspiration in which he fueled himself to be the owner of a gym is far more significant than his title. When I first met Travis at [...]

August’s Athlete of the Month – Dedan Rodriguez

Dedan Rodriquez aka “Rod” has not only been a brand ambassador of SICFIT Round Rock as our 1st sponsored athlete who competes on an international level in the sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but he has literally watched our dream become [...]

July’s Athlete of the Month – Dr. Ben Spitzenger

Dr. Ben Spitzenberger is not only passionate about how he takes care of his own health & wellness, but he is equally as passionate about how and why he treats his patients. Ben is of a rare breed of chiropractors [...]




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SICest of the Southwest IV HUMAN HIGHLIGHTS

Posted by SICFIT on January 20, 2016 at 7:30am

SICFIT Round Rock is officially open for Fitness

Posted by SICFIT on January 6, 2016 at 9:30pm

Breaking Muscle

Low-Key Strategies for Skill Building

These tools will help you get a clear picture of what's working in your training.

I’m really bad at balancing on narrow, round things. Especially if they are high up. I know the technical points I’m supposed to observe, but I still suck at it. I suck at it because I’ve been woefully negligent in practice, so over the summer I made it my "lazy mission" to improve my balancing to a respectable level. I tried just paying attention to the technical elements and trying to do those well. It helped some, but that strategy wasn’t enough, so I borrowed some tools for improvement I have used a lot in Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ).

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Cultivate Resilience for Breakthrough Training

Cultivating resilience may be the secret to reaching your goals.

Programming is a fickle beast. With the seemingly endless onslaught of trending, latest and greatest pop-culture programs promising unbelievable results in less and less time, it’s no surprise if you find yourself more confused, frustrated, and lost than ever before. This is never more evident than in the realm of bodybuilding or aesthetic-style training.


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Amino Acids: The Science Behind the Labels

Let's put the marketing aside, and answer two questions: What are amino acids, and why should you be taking them?
I have been working in the supplement industry for over ten years now, and there has never been such a push to consume amino acids as there is right now. These aminos have been flying off the shelves in supplement stores across the country, and after returning home from the Mr. Olympia show in Las Vegas, I had more amino samples than I knew what to do with.

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