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The problem of obesity in our country is very high. According to some reports in the United States 35% of people are overweight.
On television and the Internet, we often see advertisements for weight loss supplements.  Unfortunately, most supplements do not give the desired result.
 At the moment, nutritionists say that the supplements for weight loss should be completely natural composition.

Increasingly popular is the green coffee extract. It is a natural product that burns fat and improves overall health. There was a lot of controversy over the work of the product, but most people have confirmed the efficacy of the product. Green coffee fat burn , removes toxins, improves skin elasticity and has a low cost - these are the main advantages of this product.

Another very interesting product for weight loss - is Acai Berry.
Acai Berry cleanse - it is proved by many people who have used this product for weight loss. Today, this product is popular in many countries, most people believe that Acai - is a very good supplement for weight loss.

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