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Father's of the Future


Hello and welcome to the only live, interactive streaming video show on the planet that discusses, debates and delivers important tips and tools for Dads. 

Congratulations you have personally been selected to step up to the mic and deliver fresh relevant content, tell stories and share your own personal path to Fatherhood.  

Want to learn more about the most important job a man will ever have? Need to hear dinner table topics & captivating stories that will capture your children's attention and imagination.

On this show we will learn and grow together as a community while holding each other accountable to improve everyday. 

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to show the world what makes you a Father of the Future. Be honest, tell your friends, laugh, cry and open your hearts so that we can all learn what it takes to be committed, engaged and devoted to the children in our lives. 

It is my honor to host a weekly LIVE video broadcast on BLAB.IM Tune in to your computer or phone from anywhere in the world. Click HERE: to learn more about BLAB and subscribe to our show. If you would like to be a guest on the show please email and why you are a "Father of The Future."

Experience #1 with Marc Leech, Mike Campion and Host Luke Kayyem

Experience #2 with Troy Whitfill, Mike Allred, Rich Rutan and Host Luke Kayyem

Experience #3 with Wayne Richard, Ron “Goldie” McClendon, Chris Bartell and Host Luke Kayyem

Experience #4 with Russ Perry of Design Pickle

Experience #5 with Justin Flynn, Coach Dave Bagchi, Mike Allred and Host Luke Kayyem

Experience #6 with Matt Blanton, Josh Lannon, Evan Kantor & Host Luke Kayyem

Experience #7 with NCAA strikeout record holder Buddy Schultz, Oliver Badgio and host Luke Kayyem Coming soon.

Experience #8 with Anthony Nacinovich, Anthony Campo and Host Luke Kayyem

Experience #9 with Matt Emmerson, Ammon Woods and Host Luke Kayyem

Experience #10 LIVE from Maui, Hawaii with Jade McLeod and Host Luke Kayyem

Experience #11 with Chad Wing Wealth Management Advisor and Host Luke Kayyem

Experience #12 with Weightlifting Coach Patrick Cullen-Carroll and Host Luke Kayyem

Experience #13 with Nate Dominguez President of BNI and Host Luke Kayyem

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