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SICFIT's SICest of the Southwest II Competitive Showcases 540 Athletes

Why CrossFit Coaches Need Anatomy: Bones, Muscle, and Lifting

Residents Invited to Lift 'Barbells for Boobs' on Saturday in Crestview

FitKids in Ahwatukee: Getting Kids Off the Couch and In Healthy Shape

Are You Getting Enough Post-Workout Protein?

Study Says CrossFit Workouts Boost Aerobic Fitness and Decrease Body Fat

CrossFit Games 2013: Event Dates, Live Stream, Top Athletes and More


'Extreme Makeover' Couple Shares How They Keep Off the Pounds

10 Hottest and Fittest Men of the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games

CrossFit a 'whole other world of working out'

Local Nurse Christy Phillips Competes for the CrossFit Title of Fittest Woman on Earth

Man Up and Lift Like a Lady

Now You See It: Woman with cerebral palsy becomes CrossFit trainer

Understanding CrossFit Terminology

Stick With CrossFit? Pros and Cons for Hockey Players

From the Couch to CrossFit: 5 Things Beginners Need to Know Before Joining a Box

Why is the Fitness Industry Failing so Badly?

Adidas to Make CrossFit Delta Logo Symbol for Reebok Fitness

How CrossFit Embraced Fans And Became The Next Great Spectator Sport

CrossFit Games SOCAL Regionals Winner, Lindsey Valenzuela Preps for Games Big Win with SEAL Inspired Training

CrossFit Games at a glance

Bob Harper's Best CrossFit Quotes

CrossFit Games: Hendren meets challenge with record

CrossFit gyms hold grueling workouts to benefit fallen firefighter

The Benefits of Yoga for Crossfit Athletes

5 reasons why Camille Leblanc-Bazinet will be on the 2013 CrossFit Games podium

Athletes jostle for spot in CrossFit Games

Why Runners Need CrossFit — and How to Get Started

CrossFit gyms to hold workouts to benefit Harper family

Kristan Clever receives invite to 2013 CrossFit Games

How Good of a Workout is CrossFit?

CrossFit Regionals in Columbus

Disabled athletes push themselves to the limit at Crossfit Redefined

RockTape Announces Sponsorship of the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games Read

Christmas Abbott Breaking Barriers While Helping to Grow NASCAR Among Women

CrossFit gets you 'all-around strong'

‘Anti-American’ Paleo diet cuts dairy, grains, sugar

Fitness Playgrounds Grow as Machines Go

CrossFit First Aid Kit: 9 Items to Have on Hand

3 Best Adventure Races for CrossFitters

The Crossfit Open: A Different Kind of March Madness

Two-time CrossFit Games champion Annie Thorisdottir injured, withdraws from Open

CrossFit is anybody's game

OFFSTAGE: Tim McGraw's CrossFit Workout Is Working Out


CrossFit can be addictive, but it’s definitely not harmful

Deployed soldiers participating in CrossFit Open 2013

Should You Try a CrossFit Endurance Class?

CrossFit Games Open WOD #1: The AMRAP from Hell

Christmas Abbott, CrossFit Trainer, Becomes First Female Working Full-Time In NASCAR Pit Crew


Concord's CrossFit Adventure holds Sandy Hook fundraiser

The Next Generation of CrossFit: Meet Wonder Kids Kanon and Isaac

Avalon Crossfit to Aid Kenya with Pushups

The 6 Most Brutal CrossFit WODs

Gourmet Paleo made easy by “The Paleo Slow Cooker”

Lose it all with CrossFit

Functionality and variety focus at Crossfit MV

Top 5 CrossFit Moves for Measuring Success

Crossfit, Inc. members pay tribute to slain city gym owner

CrossFit safety tips to prevent gym injuries


Paleo Delivery Service Offers Prehistoric Food to CrossFiT

CrossFit to raise money for double lung transplant

11 Celebrities Who Crossfit to Stay in Shape

YMCA to Offer CrossFit Classes

lakewood crossfit forms powerful partnership with cleveland big brothers big sisters

Paleo and zone diet iPhone app + CrossFit WOD's

Reebok CrossFit Games season kicks off with registration open on January 30th

Concord Police and Fire Departments train for CrossFit competition

Why Crossfit and the Paleo Diet Combine for Explosive Weight Loss Results

Crossfit athletes compete at the OC Throwdown


CrossFit workout, Paleo diet helped Carrollwood man get healthy

How cavemen and CrossFit inspired a startup

Fitness challenge: CrossFit

CrossFit is not for the faint of heart (or muscle)

Crossfit event raises over 2K for local hero

North swim coach introduces team to CrossFit program

Crossfit Gym to hold fundraiser for AZ Standdown

5th suspect sought in slaying of CrossFit gym owner

Deputies using CrossFit to get fit for their job

Fitcorp Asia launches first CrossFit in Thailand

Intense Crossfit workers increasingly popular

4 Winter Workout Motivation Tips

Unbuyable: CrossFit Inc. avoids Anthos Capital's bid to buy half of company

Navy Seal will try to set pull-up record

Christmas Abbott, First Female NASCAR Pit Crew Member, Fights Against the Odds

How to get a great workout--with a PVC pipe

CrossFit wins court case, avoids corporate takeover

Wodify and CrossFit Aspire Team Up to Build Habitat Home

Reebok CrossFit LAB Opens in West Hollywood

CrossFit Legitimus in Canton hosts competition for mothers only

Workout caters to athletes' abilities

Workout Named in Honor of Fallen Soldier

CrossFit Scottsdale paying kids for Halloween candy

Tabata called a fat-burning 'miracle'

CrossFit Games arrive in Swansea

Three hot fitness trends for 2013

93-Year-Old Bodybuilder Is A Medical Marvel

Branford Restaurants Expanding Menus to Include Paleo Options

The CrossFit Invitational- Team USA vs. Team Europe: Workouts and results

Dymatize Nutrition is proud to Present Europa's SICest of the Southwest with $10,000 in prize money for the SICest athletes.

SICFIT Article in Physique 3D

Losing it on their own: Julie Fernandez

270 compete in Southwest Fitness Throwdown CrossFit contest

LuRong Living Launches the First Nationwide Paleo Challenge

The new rigors of PE: How these kids are muscling their way through school

Froning, Thorisdottir on CrossFit Games

A closer look at the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Women's Clean Ladder results

Crossfit: The workout for everyone that’s taking the nation by storm.

Kisko Builds WODconnect To Provide Tracking And Billing For CrossFit Gyms

Why CrossFit is taking off

Forget how you look. What can you DO?

Lufkin crossfit gym uses workout to benefit pregnancy center

Annie Thorisdottier's tips for beginning CrossFit

Olympic sailor is all about CrossFit, paleo diet

Alaska guardsmen keep in shape with CrossFit

How Annie Thorisdottir went from Olympic contender to Crossfit Champ

CrossFit competitor Nate Schrader hammers his way up in games

CrossFit, the everyman sport

Lobotsky follows passion

CrossFit Kids gets children to exercise

Adidas eyes Crossfit workout for lackluster Reebok

Florida: Students jump on Crossfit band wagon leaving FIU’s gym behind

The popularity of CrossFit has grown exponentially over the last few years as seen from the rise in centres offering this class, will this trend continue?

CrossFit WOD: Baseline

Canada: Alberta mom to compete in Crossfit's premier event

Ohio: Mentor teacher Scott Panchik competing in CrossFit Games

Arizona: Valley man qualifies for Crossfit Games

Eating Like A Caveman

CrossFit For Hope

CrossFit Makes Me A Better Doctor

Firefighter helps fuel white-hot workout craze

CrossFit Elevation Reveals Everything to Know About CrossFit

CrossFit 4 Fire: Pain Threshold Training and Firefighter Survival

Can We Solve Our 21st Century Life Problems Paleo-style?

The Paleo Diet Moves From The Gym To The Doctor's Office

Barefoot Running: Paleo-Fact Or Paleo-Fad?

Meet the First Emirati Participant at Reebok CrossFit Regionals

Foods allowed and off limits on Paleo diet

A Military Regimen: Bring the PainBurpee Challenge honors Easton man worldwide

Advice for Reebok: Tell Us a Story

Altrient Spokesperson Cheryl Brost Crushes CrossFit North West Regionals

F3™ Nutrition Announces Sponsorship Of New World Record Holder Dan “Danimal” Bailey

The Fight Capital Explains Why Crossfit Training Is Getting Popular for MMA Fighters

CrossFit Gaining Strength as Exercise Trend

It's Time For A Rest

The Ecstasy of Accomplishment

Making sure deputies are fit to serve

Q&A With Bob Harper

From Pay-lee-NO to Paleo

You’re In The Army Now

CrossFit unpredictable and intense

Reebok's 3D street art a record-breaker

Boroumand sets record; New Faces Book Tickets To The Games

Reebok uses PeerIndex for new CrossFit campaign

Reebok fitness competition lands TV slot

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