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What We’re About:

  SICFIT licensed gyms are designed to enhance the lives of our students through educated coaching, nutritional counseling, challenges, seminars, level testing and community events. Our three levels of training and nutrition are the backbone of our exercise philosophy simply described as LIFE  |  FITNESS  |  SPORT where our goal is to simply improve the quality of life, to become better than (yesterday) or to score the most points to win.

We introduce personal athletic achievement into sport and train athletes ranging in ages from 3-93, from "push up to podium." We believe that being physically FIT and healthy is inspiring; it feels good, builds confidence, enriches our lives and allows us to live our best by becoming better leaders, parents, children and humans. We believe that every SICFIT gym should teach all facets of human movement including but not limited to functional movements, personal training, gymnastics, periodized strength training, pre-hab, mobility, flexibility, yoga, Olympic weightlifting, competitive FITness, military training, endurance adventure racing, nutrition coaching, life coaching, supplement prescriptions, body fat analysis, customized programming and above all else holding ourselves, coaches and students, and our facilities to the highest possible standards and accountability.

The SICFIT Licensees will be given an established brand with guidelines, suggestions, recommendations, rigorous standards, structure and systems to open, run and execute a high level Strength In Conditioning facility. The support given will provide a platform for success for any hungry entrepreneur, trainer, coach or athlete. The tools are tried, tested, and delivered. With hard work and commitment, you will out perform your competition. We strive for a community of fitness business leaders with outstanding, highly qualified coaches, and a safe and supportive environment and community that aids in financial growth. 


SICFIT headquarters will retain a small ownership interest in each facility.


SICFIT has a strong belief in success and in distinguishing ourselves from the rest. Therefore we welcome entrepreneurs with 100% genuine interest in our business model and those that are committed to carrying on the established recognition and respect SICFIT has developed in the fitness industry.

Education Requirements:

    -  Create/build profile on 

    -  Posses a Nationally Recognized Personal Training Certification

    -  Posses a USAW Olympic Lifting Level 1 Sport Performance Certification 

     - Cary and maintain insurance for your facility and all staff

Enrolled in:

    -  SICFIT (ITP) Instructor Training Program Online (email to enroll)


    -  Meet Minimum Equipment Standards

    -  4-6 Months of Operating Capital

    -  Background Check, Credit Check, Financials

     - Spend a week with us to see if you are the right FIT

License/Consulting Cost:

    -  3 Year Term (between $500-$1,380 per month depending on current establishment circumstances).

    -  $5,000 deposit start-up fee

  What You Get (Perks/Reasons):

   -  As a SICFIT licensee you are in business for yourself, not by yourself. You will experience the integration of strategic independence and initiative in individual ownership but will also have the advantage of learning from the knowledge, skill, and leadership experience of esteemed fitness professionals.

   -  Instant recognition and credibility associated with an internationally registered trademark and service known worldwide and symbolic with quality and authenticity in the health and fitness industry

   -  Access to an operations manual that covers marketing, brand guidelines, operations, management, facilities, staffing, templates, and financial reporting suggestions to map out your business future

   -  A highly informative annual gathering designed to help educate licensees in improving business models, networking, and improving bottom line performance

   -  Access to plans and checklists to generate memberships, interest in special events and encourage retention

   -  Regular communication with the corporate office for assistance with just about every aspect of gym development, management and operations

   -  Help with recommending vendors to ensure that your investment receives the maximum benefit and life expectancy

   -  Access to group business insurance and preferred vendors, guaranteeing you the lowest rates available

   -   Savings by utilizing the vast buying power associated with our SICFIT (preferred vendor program/approved program). Categories from equipment to printing are covered and we are continually searching and testing highly reputable companies to form alliances with

   -   A designed and modular website template/domain to post content about your gym and about upcoming events and competitions to keep your members and inquirers in the loop and up to date

  -  An opportunity to manage, own or have an interest in a territory to ensure smart and complimentary growth.

-  Host and/or inclusion in the "SICest" series. A regional competitive fitness event held annually. SICest of the SouthWest (Phoenix)
SICest of SoCal (San Diego)
SICest of the Pacific West (Maui)

-  Weekly universal programming to test fitness for all levels LIFE | FITNESS |SPORT

Become part of the SICFIT Family Life Long and World Wide

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