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SICFIT Approved Products

SICFIT Approved products are selected by a committee of members who are health and fitness enthusiasts.  These products stand out by meeting our SICFIT standards of: being authentic, representing quality products, maintaining high expectations of client/customer relations, and enhancing a balanced life experience.  Look for these incredible products to be featured in the SICFIT monthly newsletters and at events world-wide. 

Gym Rat Wrist Wraps

Looking to Go Faster, Get More Reps, and Keep Your WOD Save! Wrap it Up with Gym Rat Wrist Wraps!

 Original Nutritionals

As a brand developed by athletes for athletes, we’ve become a safe place for clean athletes around the world. Our co-founder, Logan Gelbrich, was inspired to forge a brand with integrity that matched the philosophy of the best strength and conditioning coaches, athletes, and performance practitioners in the world.

As a professional baseball player, Logan saw a disparity between the image of performance sold in supplement stores and the reality of world-class performance. If fueling with real food nutrition, plenty of protein, water, and Omega 3 was the best strategy for multi-million dollar athletes, why were supplement brands telling a different story?

And so, ORIGINAL Nutritionals was born. Integrity and a standard of excellence evaluated by real performance are the elements that guide us.  We share CrossFit Inc.’s view that our senior citizens and professional athletes “differ only by degree, not kind.” We exceed the standards of the world’s best athletes so that athletes of all calibers can enjoy the universal benefits of ORIGINAL Nutritionals. After all, if you have a body you are an athlete.                      


OHMYBAR is a natural, raw, dairy-free, grain-free protein bar designed to fuel athletes before a workout and help then recover after. OHMYBAR has been developed and made by a CrossFitter for CrossFitters.


Custom Succes Journals

Kayyem Marketing offers high quality customizable Success Journals for your box. Cost ranges from $9.00 to $12.00 per journal (plus shipping) depending on the quantity. The ability to change the traditional success journal to suit your gym’s needs, along with adding your logo to make a great tracking log for all meals and WOD’s for your students is a great addition to your box and a value to all members!

Our price includes approxametly 6 more pages than the our current version, a custom cover and back and 2-3 custom pages inside. We can also make additional modifications to the book to make the book a perfect fix for your box.

Contact us today to get a sample of our book, and to get a proof started for your box! 

Ashley Richards

(623) 205-3430


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