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Breaking Muscle

2014 AAU Worlds Powerlifting Championships (Athlete Journal 112)

Last weekend I competed at the Masters World Championships. Here's some footage of how it all went.

Part of what makes powerlifting fun - and frustrating - is that you're always left wondering why you didn't do better and how you can do better next time. Although I won my division at my most recent meet, I was still left with a lot of food for thought as to where I should go from here.


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Get Back to Basics With Over a Year of Free Gymnastics Workouts

Why start moving and controlling other things before you have learned how to move and control yourself?

In modern times, gymnasts wear sparkly spandex, but it hasn't always been that way. At its root, the word gymnastics is derived from the ancient Greek word gymnos, which means "naked."


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3 Quick and Easy Snacks for Your Pre-Workout Arsenal

Berries, oats, peas, and coconut. These three recipes use delicious carb sources to help fuel your workouts.

Exercise is about two things: effort and expending energy. If we want to get the most out of our workouts and our valuable time, then we need to fuel them both.


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