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SICFIT gyms media coverage June 2015

Posted by SICFIT on June 23, 2015 at 5:10pm

Happy Father's Day

Posted by SICFIT on June 22, 2015 at 10:29am

Breaking Muscle

How to Start Your Own Exercise Group

Getting people together can be difficult, so having a plan in place is the most important element in ensuring the success of your group.

Want to start exercising, but aren’t sure how to begin? Starting a new exercise program, especially by yourself, can be daunting, but you can ease this transition by enlisting the aid and support of those around you.


No exercise groups in your area, you say? No problem! This article will provide tips that combine the ambition of the do-it-at-home exerciser with the determination of the do-it-yourself exerciser so you can begin a supportive group exercise program in your neighborhood.


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Simplistically Delicious: A Quick Seasonal Dinner Recipe

This recipe is colorful, nutritious, and tasty comfort food at its best.

Simplistically delicious. This small phrase is my new theme for summer food as well as my garden. I’ve recently begun to incorporate easy-to-grow garden plants like red or rainbow chard, kale, and peppers into my edible landscape.



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4 Ways to Improve Cycling Times Without Breaking the Bank

New toys are fun, but they're not always necessary. Here are some simple tips to try before you invest in new gear.

Have you ever worked out how much per second all those shiny new bike bits actually cost?


A few weeks ago I entered a classic bike event and as part of the preparation I took a 1950s steel-framed racing bike down to my local club time trial for a test run. It was the most comfortable time trial I had ever completed thanks to the leather seat and 27-inch wheels and tires that just soaked up the bumps.


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