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SICest of the Southwest IV December 4th

Breaking Muscle

Cycling: 4 Ways to Test Your Progress

Gauge where you are with your cycling progress by using one, or all, of these testing methods.

I am fanatical about numbers. I guess that comes with an engineering science background. I find that measuring things helps to keep training focused and gives you an understanding of where you are in your performance or fitness journey. I am a firm believer in the maxim, “What gets measured get done.”


There are many ways you can measure your cycling progress and here are a few, ranging from the simple to the more complex.


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Dark Chocolate Ice Cream With Raspberries on Top: Yes Please!

This recipe is decadent, creamy, and completely dairy-free. I know it seems impossible, but it's true.

Enjoying a decadent creamy dessert was an idea I had tossed away as unattainable when I first decided to go dairy-free. Many of the dairy-free confections that were passed off as ice cream were more icy than creamy and just couldn’t compare to my old favorite indulgence of a true custard-style ice cream. The smooth mouthfeel that we define as creamy can only be created with fats, so using a base that doesn’t have much fat, like almond milk, will not result in the same experience. 


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Motor Control and Movement Patterns: A Must-Read for Athletes

Don't overlook your movement patterns but instead learn how to keep yourself safe and make gains.

“Movement patterns,” “motor programs,” what does it all mean? In the last couple of years the fitness field has become inundated with these terms. Despite the apparent trendiness of the concept, motor control is an extremely important facet of athletic performance, and it’s a rather involved topic that utilizes pieces of neurology, neuroscience, psychology, and exercise.


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