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SICFIT gyms media coverage June 2015

Posted by SICFIT on June 23, 2015 at 5:10pm

Happy Father's Day

Posted by SICFIT on June 22, 2015 at 10:29am

Breaking Muscle

Back to Basics: How to Assess Movement With the Plank

From spinal bracing to full-body tension, everything you do in the gym relates to the quality of your plank.

A while back I stopped looking at what body parts were used during specific exercises. I got away from thinking that pressing was for shoulders and squats were for quads.


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Find Your Movement Medicine With Dr. Perry Nickelston, Ep 17

Dr. Perry Nickelston dropped by our podcast to chat about common athletic injuries, anatomy, and the importance of individual movement assessment.

If your movement and performance have gone off the rails, then it might be time to listen to Dr. Perry Nickelston, creator of the RAIL system. RAIL stands for release, activate, integrate, and load and is just one part of Perry's holistic approach to health, performance, and the human body.


perry nickelston, fascia, movement, fms, screening, mobility, athletes, injury


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Rotational Exercise: The Controversy of Functional Training

I'll help you determine if rotational training is right for you and provide some tips to do it well.

Functional training is a philosophy that both connects and divides much of the fitness industry. The largest issue I’ve seen with “functional training” is that it is actually more of a philosophically based means of training than one of agreed-upon specific methods.


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