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SICest of the Southwest IV HUMAN HIGHLIGHTS

Posted by SICFIT on January 20, 2016 at 7:30am

SICFIT Round Rock is officially open for Fitness

Posted by SICFIT on January 6, 2016 at 9:30pm

Breaking Muscle

Winterize Your Brain with Vitamin D

If your brain does not work optimally, you do not work optimally.

If your brain does not work optimally, you do not work optimally. It is plain and simple. All of our brains need a variety of things in order to function properly, like fuel and oxygen. The next big one may be vitamin D, the one most of us get very little of throughout the winter—and guess what? “Winter is coming.”


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The Power of Intention

If you see your set before it happens, there is no question of your success.
How many of you are the best lifter you can be? How many of you take a level of concentration into your training that is unshakable? How many of you walk onto the training floor with such laser-like focus that you are completely tuned into every aspect of your movement? We all would love to say that was us. But in reality, all of us could step our game up. 
It all starts with intention. 

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3 Exercises to Build Your Kettlebell Swing

These exercises will take your swing to another level.

As I wrote in my last article, the kettlebell swing is one of those bang-for-your-buck exercises that touches on the important aspects of strength and endurance. While it’s a tremendous exercise and scalable for just about anyone, it does have a learning curve.

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