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SICFIT Round Rock is officially open for Fitness

With great pleasure and passion please welcome my good friend, Marine, Coach, Father and Owner of the newest SICFIT Family licensed gym in Round Rock, Texas a few miles from the garage in Austin it all started from.

Mike Allred, along with his amazing partner, girlfriend, Airman and Coach Kaleigh Marie together with former member turned business partner and cancer surviver Travis Boren. This unique TRIBE is turning heads in the small town of Round Rock. Below is Mike's story and "WHY" they chose the SICFIT brand over so many other options in the fitness industry to invest their time, energy and emotion and build a fitness business in 2016. As you will experience for yourself these guys are "Authentic and Genuine" two of my favorite attributes as a human, friend and partner. Not to mention Ella AKA the little Coach.

I am honored that this man and his TEAM have joined US in the crusade to save lives and share years of experience in health and wellness to overcome the epidemic of obesity, diabetes and addiction in America.  Luke Kayyem 

Kaleigh Marie ]

I don’t think that we ever fully understood the true meaning of that what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger until we decided to open our own business, and now that we are finally open after an entire year of seemingly facing every worst case scenarios, SICFIT Round Rock is rolling into 2016 stronger and even more ready to change lives, thanks to a powerful team and all the adversity that was thrown our way.

Mike Allred and I met back in 2011 in Kandahar, Afghanistan, while we were both deployed. He had been running and coaching the Kandahar affiliate gym, and I stumbled onto one of their classes one day in May, giving me my first taste of functional fitness in a class type of setting. I was immediately hooked, not only on the tough workouts that constantly pushed me outside of my comfort zone, but by being coached again and working alongside others in a very team-like environment: something I hadn’t felt since leaving organized competitive sports at college graduation the year before.

As a coach myself [Swimming and Rugby], I loved to, in turn, be coached, and Michael and I bonded over a similar competitive nature and a drive to do and be better, stronger, faster versions of ourselves. I remember shared meals in the middle of that base, talking about how amazing it would be to have and own a gym in ‘the real world.’

I moved to Texas in February of 2014 and found a job coaching at a local CF gym that Michael eventually joined me at as Head Coach and GM. Operating, programming, and running the operations of that space was a big eye opener as to how it would be if we had our own gym. We were able to form some really awesome relationships and partnerships with our clients there, most namely with our now business partner, Travis Boren. When the gym unexpectedly closed its doors in November 2014, Travis approached Mike about opening up our own gym for him and others to continue training with us, and that old, persistent dream of being gym owners was finally thrust to the front burner with a seemingly perfect time and place.

Those first weeks were a whirlwind: getting LLC paperwork drawn up, buying a ton of equipment from Fringe Sport in Austin, Texas to furnish the space we had yet to secure as our new location, and making big decisions on the direction of our dream: would we affiliate with what we were familiar and comfortable with, or did we want to go a different route altogether? By November 30
th, we had a garage filled to the brim with bumper plates, barbells, rowers, a signed and sealed LLC and no building or gym name. We were extremely hopeful and optimistic that we could be open and operational by January 1, 2015.

On December 2, our realtor took Mike and I by a building that she called ‘full of potential,’ which we all know actually means ‘needs a ton of work’. As soon as we pulled up to 110 S. Mays St. in the heart of the downtown district in Round Rock, I knew that we had found our future home, but Michael and Travis took a bit more convincing. To their credit, the building was an absolute dump: it was ripped nearly to the studs, a tree and vines were growing through a couple walls, the widows were broken, boarded up and painted over, and it looked as though someone had driven a truck through the back wall of the building. It wasn’t pretty. Michael thought she had taken us as a joke and asked if it was condemned, but then he saw me with stars in my eyes and told me that I was insane if I thought we could take on this project. I reminded him of where we were:  the location would sell itself, and there wasn’t anything like what we wanted to bring to the table within the expanding and growing downtown area. After a bit of cajoling and trying to get them both to see my initial vision and not the decaying walls and crumbling foundation, they agreed. We signed our lease on January 17th, with the anticipation of opening our doors to the public by April, after extensive and intense renovations.

If you’ve ever undertaken a major renovation, especially a major renovation of an 80+ year old building, you understand that timelines eventually get pushed to the wayside as you begin uncovering more and more problems and additions to the construction list. It always seems to end up taking longer and costing more, and our journey with this space was no different. By the time we finally opened our doors on December 3, 2015, we were nearly an entire year past our original, naïve plan to open immediately after the old gym’s closure, and although those twelve months were packed with frustration and stress and more money flying out the window that we care to remember, it also forced us to take time and really plan out what we truly were trying to create.

During the course of that year, after deliberating Affiliate vs. SICFIT vs. Independent gyms, we settled on becoming SICFIT Round Rock after seeing that the SICFIT model truly encompassed and that is exactly what we wanted to bring to our community.

We found out more about our neighborhood, building and community so we could  pay homage to the rich history with some of our creative design aspects. With 
nearly 4000 square feet of gym floor space, and in hindsight, although it would’ve been fantastic to just have rolled from the old gym to a new one, this past year really has set us up for success as a new business.

People from all over the globe have been following our progress on the nearly 4,000 sq/ft space, both via social media and seeing the project evolve in person. "It has created such an emotional response from everyone who has witnessed this transformation". I know we waited through construction madness but seeing the final product now that is priceless. That response makes this past year filled with blood, sweat, tears, failures, triumphs, roadblocks and solutions all worth it.

Our ever growing client list and our community here has seen and are experiencing how much love and time and care and commitment has been poured into this old building, and that is something that resonates with people: if we were willing to undertake this massive project and have such amazing results though our time, resources, energy, and vision… just imagine what we will be doing to people’s lives and bodies when they put themselves into our care!  

We are so thrilled, humbled and inspired to get here, and, after a year of hard work, finally made it to our starting line.

This is just the beginning! Welcome SICFIT Round Rock!!!

Mike Allred, Kaleigh Marie,Travis Boren and the entire TRIBE...

SICFIT Round Rock

110 South Mays st Round Rock, Texas 78665


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