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Breaking Muscle

Save Hours and Dollars: Streamline Your Meal Prep

An investment in your health and wellness is always time well spent. But we only have so much of it to spend.

We’re all busy. We all know nutrition is more than 50 percent of the equation, but it can also be the most challenging part. If we don’t plan ahead and make nutrition a priority, it quickly gets put on the back burner, despite our good intentions. Having a plan and preparing your food in advance is crucial, so let’s plan for success. It starts with meal prep.


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Strength Training for Yogis: Lift From the Floor to Move Well

Training the clean and deadlift will help you move with more ease in your yoga, and in life.
Take the time to learn this week’s moves. Not only will they make you stronger, but they will help you improve your body mechanics. What does that mean? It means you will move with more ease. And everyone, especially yogis, loves to move with ease.

 Building Life Skills

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Crawl and Hang to Improve Your Handstand

These natural human movements can help you gain the range of motion and strength you need to achieve a solid handstand.

You want to get better at handstands. You think to yourselves, “Maybe if I just try more handstands, I’ll be able to handstand better.” But it doesn’t quite work like that.


You’re inundated with Instagram images of impressive physical feats like handstands on a daily basis. And sure, it’s impressive. But it’s easy to forget that each picture is merely a snapshot of a physical practice. There are hours, days, and weeks of preparatory work needed to achieve these results.


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