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Breaking Muscle

Use Old-School BJJ Moves to Keep Your Opponents Guessing

Incorporate these submissions to surprise opponents and improve your BJJ game.

Recently, a video of a baseball choke made its way onto my social media feed. It had a great setup from the bottom, and I shared it with a training partner to see if we could drill it. I had actually been looking for new escapes and counters from the bottom.


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Yogic Anatomy: Mapping the Mind-Body Connection

Follow in the steps of the great yoga sages and learn how to go beyond the physical realm of your own practice.

With the exception of a few subcultures, the western way slants heavily toward what the eastern yogic traditions would label gross (or physical) level awareness. From the time we’re born, we are educated to relate to ourselves primarily as a physical being.


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Beyond the Bar Path: Reinforcing Movement Patterns in Weightlifting

Training a new weightlifter should involve the development of baseline athleticism.

We held our first ever movement pattern seminar at Takano Athletics just recently.

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