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    What Is Onnit?

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Breaking Muscle

Fix Your Hand Position to Supercharge Your Squats

Squats should be working your legs and glutes. But when your grip is too wide, they don't do that any more.

Squats. Sitting down with a weight on your back then standing back up. They sound simple, but unfortunately they aren’t. Technique plays a significant role in your ability to move heavy loads. One of the biggest technique mistakes I see destroying what could be a great squat is where you place your hands. Watch the video below to see what I mean.



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A Hearty, Seasonal One-Skillet Breakfast (or Lunch) Recipe

This recipe for shakshuka, a Middle Eastern egg dish, has a delicious and nutritious twist for the athlete in all of us.

There is only one month left before the local farmer’s market closes for the year, so I’m preparing vegetables for the winter months. I’ve been freezing sauces such as homemade tomato sauce and roasting and freezing pureed squash in easy-to-use portions to add to dishes like this harvest shakshuka with quail eggs. Aside from the dried spices, all ingredients in this simple one-skillet meal are freshly picked at the peak of their deliciousness.


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Impact Forces: Simple Exercises to Strengthen Your Feet, Part 3

These exercises are exactly what you need to do to build up strength and endurance in your foot muscles.

In part one of this series I showed you what impact forces are and why they are important. In part two I explained how impact forces relate to common lower leg injuries, and how you can prevent these injuries from happening.


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